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What's Happening Right Now At Youth Connections

Youth Connections Stories on tumblr.com

Read selected stories and pictures about Youth Connections programs on our fpcgv.tumblr.com blog. Click the stories below to read more:

#PropheticallyAngry - What happens when woke people feel a call from the Holy Spirit.

Positivity on a Soup Can - Youth Connections wanted to make sure that the recipients knew they were loved, cared for and believed in.

#WeAreStV - After hearing about his story of unselfish giving and even a bit of government protesting, the group present was challenged to think of a person(s) to whom they could be St. Valentine.

Group building 30' in the air - Straping on a high ropes harness and climbing the ladder is a lot more challenging that you might think.


High School Sunday School

We are fortunate to have a great teaching team for the Winter and Spring 2021: Kevin Stull, Diana Davis and Kaki Talbot lead this Virtual Sunday School Class on Zoom from 9-10 am. We meet for a few minutes with an adult Sunday School class for fellowship and prayer and then break into our separate classes. This year the youth chose to study Joshua, Judges and Ruth. Please email our associate pastor Ashley A. Hood if you would like to learn more or get the zoom link (ahood@fpcgv.org)

High School Fellowship

For Winter and Spring 2021 we continue to meet virtually each Wednesday night at 8pm for games and then occassionally in-person for oudoor, physically distanced campfire lunches.  Please email Ashley A. Hood if you would like to be put on our distribution list (ahood@fpcgv.org)