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Stay Caring. Stay Connected. Stay Committed.

2021 Pledge Card

When you and your family are ready, you can securly and confidentially make your pledge using our online pledge card. Your information is processed only through our Administrative/Membership staff person, Jill Compton. Any questions or concerns about your pledge can be directed to her by e-mail at jcompton@fpcgv.org.


Sisters and Brothers in Christ, 

            To say that this has been an interesting year would be an overwhelming understatement.  Who could have foreseen, back when we were ringing in 2020, that we would be where we currently are?  A global pandemic, social unrest, calls for justice, debating everything from when and how to open schools to whether masks should be mandated. With so much demanding our attention right now – and rightfully so – the stewardship ministry has selected as our campaign theme this year: Stay Caring, Stay Connected, Stay Committed. 

            Each of these phrases is heartfelt – reminiscent of Jesus’s words from the Sermon on the Mount: “Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth … but store up for yourselves treasures in heaven.  For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”  In this case, our treasure is just that – whatever you most treasure in life.  It could be money, but it could also be time, or friendships, or prayer, or family.  Jesus’s point is to make sure that whatever we treasure is employed toward, and dedicated to, the glory of God! 

            The bottom line, therefore, is that we do not give to the church out of a sense of obligation or duty.  The question that guides stewardship is never, “What do I owe?” or “What can I afford this year?” but rather, “How am I called to respond to the abundance of gifts that God has already given me?”  The Apostle Paul specifically reminds the Corinthians, “I do not want you to give because you think that you have to – or even because you think you ought to – I want you to give because you have been moved to share with others the very gifts that God has so graciously shared with you.” 

            Given how faithful God has been to this congregation – especially during these confusing, chaotic times – we trust that you will be equally faithful in your response. 

Yours in Christ, 


Robert S. Crilley                                              Ashley A. Hood 




Please prayerfully consider making your pledge today.  Contributions to the life and progress of this church come in many forms, but we ask you to consider the powerful impact that making a financial pledge will make to the life of this church. Our leaders will revise next year’s budget to reflect the expectation we have in financial giving, so please know that each and every pledge makes a big difference!

Pledge cards may be completed online at https://fpcgv.shelbynextchms.com/external/form/c7e4c011-7532-45eb-ae29-6b10806127d9 or physical cards may be mailed to the church in the self-addressed envelope that was included with your pledge card. If you are willing to offer your time in small or large amounts - please be sure to indicate that you are willing to give your time/talent on the pledge card as well!

We can't wait to see how God will use these gifts for a purpose that only He knows.  This church continues to care for you, desire to connect with you, and remains committed to you!  We are so grateful to be on this journey together.