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Reducing the Mortgage @ FPCGV

Our plan to be debt free by 2020


Brad Bartholomew

Molly Laughlin

Gail Fekel & Sid Parsons

Dick & Sandy Austin

Larry & Mary Lloyd Jamison

Joe Jefferis

Rick & Debbie Wilhelm

Bob & Alison Wheelock

Dave & Kay Robinson

Larry & Ginger White

Dick & Helen Smith

Jeff & Cindy Dunklin

Jim & Carol Slack

Tom & Leah Schafer

John & Edna Malmstrom

Pat Blasdel

Tom Jensen & Allana Patterson

Carol Leinen

Rod & Belle Reincke

Suzanne Rowntree

Mark & Deb Hinton

Don & Karen Trost

Ronnie & Mary Painter

Virginia Walton

Randy & Cyndie Livengood

Dick & Judy Helenberger

Don & Barbara Vaughn

Kim Wevodau

Doug Hollinger & Stephanie Speights

Randy Smith

Jim & Jane Ellen Humphrey

Joshua Huff

Mike & Nancylee Hadley

Lester Strait

David & Paula Shepherd

Marilyn Herrington

Leslie & Ken Rigoulot

Betty Holland

Deb & Bob Spath

Buddy & Carol Bice


Rev. Dr. Bob Crilley

Rev. Ashley Hood

Jodi Haun

Tom Riggs

Sandy Babos

The Session of FPCGV

Ten things you may not know about our mortgage

We need increased contribution levels from all members of our wonderful congregation, if we hope to be debt-free and financially secure, which will open up many opportunities to significantly support more of God’s ministries (click link below).

Summary and Findings of MRTF

There seems widespread consensus that God had richly blessed our wonderful church and there is also a strong desire within the congregation to be good stewards of God’s gifts.   Additionally when discussing debt load issues with individual members of the congregation, most quickly grasp these concerns\responsibilities and seem eager to participate in solutions.