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Preschool Program

The doors to the preschool open at 8:45 am each morning.  Instruction begins at 9:00 am.  Children engage in a variety of hands-on, developmentally appropriate activities throughout the time they are with us.  A typical day consists of center time, circle time, outside play, snack, story time and Bible lesson.                              

During center time, children rotate through developmentally appropriate learning centers which focus on a daily theme.  There is a math center, literacy center, science center, reading center, manipulatives center, art exploration center, blocks and building center and dramatic play center.  Center time not only gives the children the opportunity to learn new concepts and to practice new skills, it also gives the teacher time to observe students as they explore and provides her with the opportunity to work with individual students or with small groups to reinforce concepts.

First Presbyterian Preschool of Grapevine has a wonderful spacious, tree filled playground that helps accomodate being able to run, to climb and to enjoy imaginative play.  In addition, we have climbing equipment, tunnels, rock box and playhouse, as well as a trike track for our Little Tikes cars so children can practice "driving" in our little city.  We also have a lovely Discovery Garden where children take an active part in learning about the beauty of God's work by planting flowers and watching them grow and attract butterflies throughout the year. !

Children are offered a daily snack provided by the preschool.   We are a nut free school, so all snacks coming into the preschool are preapproved by the teacher and preschool office. 

Story time is a magical experience for children this age.  Each day your child is with us, he/she will participate in story time where the teacher will read to the children or tell a story using felt pieces or puppets.

Teachers will also spend time each day with students teaching them about God's love through a developmentally appropriate Bible lesson.

In addition to regular classroom music, our music teacher will spend 15 minutes each week with children enrolled in the 18-30 Month Program and 20 minutes with children enrolled in the 2 1/2 Year Old, 3 Year Old and 4 Year Old Pre-K programs.  She introduces children to rhythm and movement activities, musical instruments and special songs. 

Every other week, children enrolled in our 3 Year Old Program and 4 Year Old Pre-K/TK Program will take part in a science class conducted by our science teacher.  The curriculum is designed to teach children the wonder of God's creation and to teach them that they are equipped to be scientists.  Over the two year course, children will study the five senses, states of matter, properties of air and water, metamorphosis of the butterfly and frog, the human body, machines, magnets and outer space.  It is a hands-on program.  Ideas are sent home for parents to join in the excitement of science discovery. 

Children enrolled in the 4 Year Old Pre-K Program and Transitional Kindergarten have Spanish lessons.  Songs and games are used to learn basic Spanish through multi-sensory lessons. 

Finally, children in the 2 1/2 Year Old, 3 Year Old and 4 Year Old Pre-K/TK programs attend chapel twice a month.  The service consists of songs, prayer and a short lesson taught by Bob Crilley, the Pastor of First Presbyterian Church, Ashley Hood, the Associate Pastor or Jodi Haun, the First Presbyterian Church Director of Christian Education.