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Our goal is to provide accurate and timely information regarding the Church’s financial health.

Online Giving Now Available

FPCGV now offers online giving! You are now able to donate online using a credit or debit card or your checking account.

The online portal allows you to make a one-time gift or payment with or without creating an account. After creating an account, you can make a one-time donation or schedule a series of donations to numerous funds, including the Operating and Mortgage funds, as well as special funds and offerings like the One Great Hour of Sharing offering. 

If you do not wish to set up an account, you can simply donate by clicking on the "Quick Give" button. Parents of youth will also be able to make payments for youth events and trips online as well. 

The online portal is simple and easy to use, both on your computer and your mobile device. 

To create an account or simply "Quick Give", click on the SUPPORT FPCGV button on the front page of our website, type "http://bit.ly/give2fpcgv" into your browser or click on the link below. 


Operating, Mortgage and Designated Funds – What’s the Difference?

When you give to the Church, your donation can go to the Operating, Mortgage or one of many Designated Funds.

The Operating Fund supports approximately 80% of the Church’s expenses.  Committees the operating fund supports include:  Administration and Personnel, Property, Worship and Music, Finance, Visitor and Evangelism, Christian EducationCommunication and Discipleship.  The operating fund also supports Congregational CareFellowship and Church Missions.  The Church budget (included below) provides a detailed view of everything included in the operating fund.  The approved budget for 2013 is $723,910.

The Mortgage Fund supports the Church’s mortgage, representing approximately 20% of the Church’s expenses.  The current monthly mortgage payment is $19,000 ($228,000 per year.)

In addition to the operating and building fund, you can also choose to give to one of many Designated Funds.  FPCGV designated funds include:  Flower, Long Term Maintenance, Memorial, Choir, Screen Projector, Special Missions, Grace MissionHeifer ProjectNight ShelterWatoto Children’s MinistryWatoto Adult MinistrySoupmobilePresbyterian Children’s HomeAfrican Inland Mission, Fair Trade, Shepherd’s Fund, Youth Fund, Scholarship Fund, Joy Offering, Camps and Conferences, One Great Hour Offering, Pentecost Offering and Hymnals and Bible Fund.