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Step-up, Step Out 2017

2017 Pledge Card

When you and your family are ready to Step Up and Step Out, you can securly and confidentially make your pledge using our online pledge card. Your information is processed only through our Administrative/Membership staff person, Jill Compton. Any questions or concerns about your pledge can be directed to her by calling the church office or by e-mail at jcompton@fpcgv.org.

Online Pledge Card

Time & Talent

Our Time and Talent inventory is designed to help us and you discover not only which ways you would like to serve, but also how we can effectively serve you as a member of our faith family. You can fill out the inventory online or download the same version to print.

Click here to access our online version of the Time and Talent inventory.

Click here to download a .PDF version you can print, fill out and return.

Additional Resources


Finance Ministry home page

Discipleship Ministry home page

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Documents (.PDFs):

Proverbs 16:9 - “The human mind plans the way, but the Lord directs the steps.”  - NIV

First Presbyterian Church of Grapevine has a long history of generosity. In response to the Good News and God’s call for us to welcome our neighbors into the family of faith, FPCGV prayerfully uses your gifts and offerings to minister both inside and outside the congregation. Your contributions pay the salaries of our beloved pastors and staff, fund important programs, and support missions making a real impact on the world.

Step Up (let your pledge be counted)

As we seek to support all the good work God calls us to do, the church works from a budget based on pledges received during each year’s stewardship campaign and the actual giving pattern over the last five years. Though our membership has held relatively steady since 2013, as has our actual giving, pledges to the Operating Fund have dropped 27% in the past 3 years, while pledges to the Mortgage Fund have decreased 16%. The decrease in pledging has led to uncertainty with the budget process and made it diffcult to assess the church’s financial health. This October, please demonstrate your commitment to the life and ministry of this congregation by continuing to contribute in 2016 and by pledging for 2017 to both the Operating Fund and the Mortgage Fund. When you submit a pledge online or via a pledge card, you are not only personally responding to God’s call but also helping shape the budget and distribution of these funds for the vital work of the church.

Step Out (push forward in faith)

As you prayerfully consider your pledge, reflect on the following “narrative budget” outlining the many ways we act together as the Body of Christ: Gathering, Caring, Learning & Transforming, Sending. This year’s Step Up, Step Out stewardship theme emphasizes the need for all of us to embrace our individual roles in the community while pushing ourselves collectively to have an even greater impact for Christ. The Session has set four proposed “Step Out” goals for 2017, which will require all of us to stretch past what we’ve done before. This will allow such things as:

  1. A 4% across the board adjustment for inflation for each ministry team's budget
  2. An increase in the percentage of our budget we contribute to missions from 8% currently to 8.25% next year
  3. An additional $60,000 in payments to the mortgage balance
  4. Funding increases to staff salaries, which have lagged or remained flat for several years.

As you click on the links below to see how the following narratives touch on key ministries of the church, we invite you to dig deeper into the church's finances and budget by visiting our Finance Ministry page or by calling the church office.

What is a Narrative Budget?

It is a tool to tell the story of our ministry and how we have funded our ministry. 

For example, using 2016 Budget Figures, we have reflected on how all our expenses fall into four areas (i.e. How does program staff spend their time? What are the material costs for each of the four kinds of ministry?) This is not an exact science. It is a story. So if stories inspire you, then keep reading.

  • Please note: Property, mortgagefinancecommunications and general administrative costs are spread evenly across all four areas. Also, some ministry is funded by Designated Funds outside of our Annual Budget (i.e. Shepherd’s Fund, and some of Youth and Mission Ministries).


We Gather...

...to worship our Creator and to be re-created in fellowship with one another. Worship remains at the center of our life together. A couple of years ago a man felt a nudge to come to worship here. After two years of coming almost every Sunday, he approached the pastors and said, “This has changed my life. I am not the same person I was.” We gather people for multiple meaningful experiences of God and community, and hope that from there many more beautiful things will happen. The choir gathers each week as a group that prayerfully supports each other in life, and from that community they lead us in meaningful worship. The Fellowship Ministry helps us to gather around tables and swimming pools so that we might know each other better, opening the door for sharing life and faith. The pastors and the musicians spend a great deal of time behind the scenes to offer their best gifts in the hope that more and more will grow in their relationship with God. Money for salaries, copies of new music, and property help make these kinds of stories possible.


We Care...

...as Christ is teaching us to care for each other and for our neighbors. Most of our caring is the act of being present to each other in ordinary, extraordinary and transitional moments of life. In addition, the Congregational Care Ministry helps provide meals and rides, notes and visits, books and support groups for a variety of needs that people may have. Homebound members are offered communion on a regular basis. We provide meeting space for groups like the Young Onset Parkinson’s Support Group, the National Alliance on Mental Illness classes, and the Grapevine Police Department Self-Defense Class. And then Pastor Ashley, Pastor Bob and Youth Director, Tom devote a great deal of their time in one-on-one pastoral care and counseling. Our volunteer bereavement coordinator received a note a while back that read, “Though we have never met, I feel like I’ve known you for a lifetime. The loss of my Mother seems like yesterday, yet it has been 15 months...I want to sincerely thank you for your support and the 4 versions of Journeying Through Grief that you have sent me.” We want to coordinate care in even more ways to help each person to be connected and to know that they are loved and their burdens shared.


We Learn and Transform...

...as we study scripture, pray and discern together. This is a congregation that knows that God gave us a brain and expects us to use it. You can see that in the variety of ways that we are engaged in Christian Education across the generations. The youngest children are invited to wonder about God as they explore the bible stories in Godly Play. The elementary aged children learn to dig deeper into the Scriptures as they study them repeatedly through different mediums – drama, art, computer, recreation and more. The youth are encouraged to make their own theological affrmations even as they continue to study scriptures in light of their own toughest questions. Adults who have grown up in the church, and those who have never owned a bible of their own, are given ways to enter into biblical and theological encounters from where they are in their lives. All of this is possible because an estimated 100 people volunteer to teach, shepherd and otherwise support this ministry. It is also made possible through the facilitation of our Director of Christian Education, Jodi, and other staff. If you want to see the excitement in learning together, sit in the Narthex at the start of the Sunday School time and watch the elementary children run from the sanctuary to their classrooms. 

We Send...

...one another and some of our material resources into the world so that by the power of the Holy Spirit more may know God’s love and blessing. In 2016, we project that 8% of our budget will go directly to local and global ministries to feed and shelter the poor, protect those who suffer from violence, assist the young and the aging who may be in fragile circumstances, equip long-term missionaries to serve for all of us in faraway places, and in all these ways help give people back their dignity and purpose. Additionally, we share our property with Camp Soar, Meals on Wheels, and the FPCGV Preschool so that young people with special needs have a warm environment, adults who need a warm meal will have one delivered, and families in the neighborhood know that we intend to be the village. We have also challenged ourselves to enter the circumstances of God's children whether it is by volunteering on a Saturday at the nursing home or clothing closet nearest to us, inviting people in our neighborhoods in share in worship and ministry with us, and/or going on a mission trip. Over the years we have helped to prepare more than a dozen people to become church professionals, including Leslie Minor and Jen Blustein who are nearing the end of their ordination preparation. One youth reflected on the 2016 Senior High Mission Trip, “I am much more able to recognize need in my own community because my church sent me to serve in Colorado.” Everything that we do together — gathering, CARING, LEARNING AND TRANSFORMING, leads to a people continuously SENT out to love and serve the Lord.