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Adult Education Opportunities at FPCGV


 We seek connections with each other through prayer, discussion of our own experiences, study, and fellowship!  We welcome all!

September 18 & 25:  Journey to Israel with “This and That” SS Class Speakers Gail Fekel and Sid Parsons

October:  Faith & the Workplace

  • 2:  Faith & the Food Service Industry – special guest Jenn Moschel
  • 9: Faith & Medicine – special guest  Jason Turk
  • 16: Faith & Law/Politics – special guest Rick Wilhelm
  • 23: Faith & Medicine – discussing our own experiences 
  • 30: Faith & Education – special guest Brian Riley


  • 6 & 13:  Discussion of faith in our own workplaces
  • 20:  Fellowship Time – Life Stories of New Members and Updates Around the Table
  • 27:  Thanksgiving Break

December:  Managing Stress During the Holidays

  • 4:  Ryan Hallford speaks on the impact of stress on our bodies  
  • 11:  Holiday Stress & Discussion on Stress Relieving Strategies
  • 18:  Christmas Party
  • 25:  No SS.  Merry Christmas!


At FPCGV, we offer educational programs for every age. Because you're never too young or too old to learn something about your relationship to God and to one another!

Each class is based on building relationships and study, with each class determining their own study topics.  Classes meet on the 2nd floor.  There are signs on the classrooms identifying the class.

The classes for fall 2017 are:

  • JOURNEYS: Looking at our own personal experiences, discerning our spiritual path through various studies.  The current discussion is on life transitions.
  • THIS and THAT: Anything goes for a short term topics type class.
  • CHRISTIAN ELEMENTALS: Introduction level discussions on the Bible, theology and church.  The current topic is on the basic beliefs of Presbyterians and how decisions are made and lived out.
  • DIVING DEEP: Tackling complex and broad concepts through the context of the Bible, our society and our experiences.  The current study is on understandings of atonement.
  • PARENTS ANONYMOUS: Parenting related discussions led by a professional in the field, Sallie Wells.

See the full descriptions and schedules below.

Parents Anonymous

Topics for the fall include:

  • Why creativity is important?
  • Building self-confidence in children
  • Understanding grit and passion
  • What motivates your child?
  • How to develop an abstract thinker?
  • Faith – helping children understand things we can’t see or hear.

Diving Deep

Gothic architecture spans over 850 years of history and lies at the confluence of architecture and theology, art and Christian education. We will be studying the very first forms of this style with the abbey church at Saint-Denis right up to the National Cathedral completed in 1990. This study will feature photos, descriptions and 3D animations of many of Europe’s most famous Gothic Cathedrals.  

This class will utilize DVD lectures by Professor William R. Cook, Associate Professor of History at the State University of New York Geneseo as our main guide. This is a 24 week study of these incredible structures leaves you both wanting more, and wanting to visit these buildings in person.

Two of the main attractions in utilizing this DVD based series are:

  • Attendees are not required to do any preparation prior to class, and
  • While our knowledge builds, from week to week, it is still possible to just sit in on a class at any time just to enjoy a guided tour of some of Europe’s most beautiful buildings

This & That

A Sunday School class with eclectic topics.

  • Sept 18 - Gail Fekel  “A Walk Through the Holy Land”
  • Sept 25 - Gail Fekel  “Israel-Palestine Today The Palestinian Perspective”
  • Oct 2 - Garrett deGraffenreid “ 2016 Summer High School Mission Trip”
  • Oct 9 - Tim Smith “Memories”
  • Oct 16 - Ronnie Painter “Animal Product Testing”
  • Oct 23 - Video Ted Talk
  • Oct 30 - Rick Walsh “Church Music Institute”
  • Nov 6 - Billy Szendrey “College Football Traditions”
  • Nov 13 - TBA
  • Nov 20 - Video Ted Talk

Christian Elementals

This is a class with introduction level discussions on the Bible, theology and church. It is led by experienced teachers and church professionals.

  • September 18 & 25: The class will join with other classes for the presentation on Gail & Sid’s trip to Israel this past spring.
  • October 2 – November 6:  “Reading the Bible for Understanding”.  This six week study will provide participants with important suggestions to help read and study the Bible with confidence to better interpret the Bible as God’s Word.  Rev. Tom F. Brown will be leading this series.
  • November 13- December 18: An Advent Bible Study led by Jodi Haun and other teachers in the church.
  • January: This class will combine with the study led by Pastor Bob Crilley