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The ministry and mission of First Presbyterian Church of Grapevine is led by Session Elders, who look after the temporal and programmaic needs of the church, and the Board of Deacons, who look after the missional and pastoral needs of the community. Each ministry of the Session and Board of Deacons is staffed not only by Elders and/or Deacons, but by individuals who feel called to servant leadership.

How is God calling you? Take a moment to fill out our Time and Talent Inventory (found on our Forms and Documents page) and return to the church office. Often times, we look to these forms to give us an idea of who would be a good fit for one of our ministries.

Help with Property Ministry

This ministry oversees the calendar of the church as well as the administration of the various ministries. This group also maintains the manual of operations. This ministry also provides the “human resources” support for the church and is responsible for the hiring and evaluation of all paid staff. Additionally, the ministry is responsible for all staff salaries. The ministry is formed of past elders and, with the consent of Session, others from the church community with experience in personnel administration. 
Elders: Miles Davis & Paula Wilbanks.

Christian Education
This ministry is responsible for planning and guiding all aspects of teacher training, church school (youth and adult) and the youth and vacation church school programs. It assists with the care of the smallest members of our church community. Click here to learn about Christian Education opportunities at FPCGV.
The Christian Education ministry also supports the work of the Youth Council and oversees youth ministry. Click here to learn about FPCGV Youth Connections
Elder: Randy Unruh & Kim DeLeeuw.

This ministry is responsible for providing and maintaining the structure of all modes of communications (website, social media, newsletters, signs, posters, press releases, etc.) used in the church and community. Click here to access our media page.
Elders: Larry Jamison.

Congregational Care
This ministry assists with the care of the members and friends of our church community. It oversees the Care Team which coordinates needs of members and friends during situations requiring TLC (tender loving care). This ministry is responsible for coordinating food, transportation, new babies, and special people. Click here to learn more about Congregational Care.
Deacons: Debby Wilhelm, Will Szendrey, Ronnie Painter, and Pat Blasdel.

The fellowship ministry provides opportunities for the families of the church to get to know each other so that they may better become one family of God. It plans social and recreational events for the entire church as well as activities for groups of people with similar interests. This ministry meets on the 2nd Sunday of the month at Noon. Click here to learn more about Fellowship opportunities at FPCGV
Deacons: Suzanne Rowntree, Tom Talbot, and Skip Voscamp.

This ministry presents the annual statement to Session, develops an annual budget, and oversees the Building Fund monies. The ministry is comprised of two active elders, the treasurer and other members of the church. Click here to learn more about the church finance ministry and see the latest reports from that ministry
Elders: Billy Szendrey.

The Mission Ministry is responsible for local and global mission activity for our church.  Click here to learn more about missions that are supported by FPCGV.
Deacons: Carol Slack, Tanya Czyz, Elva Bass, and Nancylee Hadley.

Our campus of 5 acres and three buildings require regular care. To maximize scarce funds, we rely on volunteerism to get the job done. We are always in need of volunteers for jobs which may take an hour and others that may take longer. We will work with you to accommodate your personal schedule. If you have a special mechanical skill (electrical, plumbing, carpentry), let us know so that we can call on you.  If you have "generalist" skill (laborer, cheerleader, handy-man), let us know for the numerous menial tasks we have. See the form on the left to sign up to help with our property issues.
Elders: Chip Holman.

The mission of the Stewardship Ministry Team is to educate, encourage, and enlist the congregation to respond to God’s goodness by sharing their time, talents and financial resources with which they have been blessed. The Stewardship Ministry Team is chaired by a Ruling Elder, currently serving on Session.  Membership shall consist of two or more serving Ruling Elders, at least one member from the Board of Deacons, and other members of the congregation at large who wish to serve.  The Associate Pastor serves as staff support to this ministry team. The Stewardship Ministry Team plans, implements, and coordinates the annual stewardship campaign to fund the Operating and Mortgage Budgets according to the direction and vision of the Session is responsible for approving requests for special offerings and may oversee other fundraising efforts, at the direction of the Session. The team also makes recommendations (for capital and/or program expenditures) to the Session for use of the Memorial Fund and other designated and undesignated gifts not being overseen by another ministry.
Elders: Laura Howe and Ovy Waddoups. Deacons: Anna Casteen and Bill Johnson.

Worship and Music
The ministry is responsible for preparing and assisting with an orderly worship service. You can participate in the work of this ministry by signing up to usher, be a liturgist, give a children’s sermon, or serve communion (if you are an elder or deacon). Click here to learn more about worship and music opportunities at FPCGV
Elders: Leslie Miner and Kim Wevodau.

Visitor and Evangelism
This ministry is responsible for walking people from visitor to fully involved member. The ministry is composed of two elders, two deacons and representatives from the congregation at large. Click here if you want to know more about who we are.
Elders: Steve Flynn and Dawn Walters. Deacon: Joe Tang and Leslie Rigoulot.