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Central American partnership: FPCGV and HOI

Announcing the 2017 Nicaragua Mission Trip

First Presbyterian Grapevine will partner with Honduras Outreach (HOI.org) for a mission trip to Nicaragua July 22-29, 2017.


The trip is eight days – Saturday to Saturday, July 22-29, 2017.
Day 1 – air travel to Managua, Nicaragua, and start of ground transportation.
Day 2 – arrive and settle in at HOI’s camp on a coffee farm in El Peten, overlooking Lake Apanas in the Los Robles areas.
Days 3-6 – work with villagers on mission projects.
Days 7-8 – tour area travel back to Managua and home.


The per-person fee is $800, for first 10 participants. Our Mission committee will cover the balance of the trip expenses including air fare. A timeline including the due date for your commitment deposit is available.


HOI reviews the needs of area villages and selects one village for the team to work with during the trip. The villagers decide on the mission work that will meet their needs and coordinates with HOI to receive supplies. Working along side the villagers, the Mission Team may work on children’s bible school, home visits, construction projects, and outdoor play, jump rope & soccer.

Honduras Outreach (HOI) established a mission outpost in Central America more than 25 years ago. They provide many services to Honduras and Nicaragua, including schools, medical, and economic development. For mission teams, they provide ground transportation, housing, meals, bottled water, and security.


For more information Contact Beverly Chernoff, bcher06@gmail.com, 817-247-5982.

Collection of Health Supplies for Nicaragua

The Nicaragua Mission Volunteers are taking a collection of health supplies along with them in July and your generous donation is needed! The collection includes:

  • Children's vitamins (not gummies variety, which melt easily) in pill, liquid and chewable form
  • Prenatal vitamins
  • Early childhood medicines: cough suppressant, pain/fever relievers
  • Other supplies, such as bandages, gauze and patches

A box is located outside the Church Office for the collection on Sundays or you can bring your donated items to the church office during the week. For more information, contact Karen Minder at 505-205-8506. 


Read through these frequently asked questions and contact the team to get involved.

Q. Why join a mission?
A. You will be part of a Christ-centered team whose purpose is to help improve the lives and communities in a select area through fellowship and locally identified projects. A mission transforms lives through faith, economic development, and education. At the same time, the mission team is blessed through spiritual growth as they work for and alongside others. The trip is organized through a Honduran-based outreach organization called HOI (www.hoi.org). 

Q. Why Central America?
A. The needs, both spiritual and physical, of the region are great. By giving so little of our time and energy, we can make a tremendous impact.

Q. Why HOI?
A. For over 25 years, HOI has arranged mission trips for North American volunteers to work side-by-side with locals on community projects, from home improvements to establishing schools and medical clinics. HOI employs 60 local citizens year-round to work with area communities, improve the quality of life, increase opportunities, and live out the Gospel. 

Q. How much does the trip cost?
A. Each mission team member is responsible for their airline fare and HOI camp fee plus any personal expenses. The 2016 HOI camp fee is $800, and church has continued to pay for half of the fee.  

Q. How do I learn more?
A. Go to www.hoi.org and click on Take A Trip and then Rancho el Paraiso/Olancho, Honduras for more information about missions to this location.  

Q. How do I join a future Honduras mission trip?
A. Contact the Mission Ministry or send an email to Beverly Chernoff, 2015 and 2016 mission team member, at bcher06@gmail.com.

Stories and pictures from the 2016 trip

HOI Day 7 - Leaving Camp

Our last wake up at HOI Rancho El Paraiso! We have a final goodbye with camp staff then start the drive back to Tegucigalpa for a final overnight before heading home. Talking last night, it is clear we all have "been impacted" as we have worked with the villagers this week. There is no feeling quite like the hugs and appreciation they share with us. Because the village is so remote, we may never make it back there to see them again. That saddens us but we know they're in Gods hands.

HOI Day 5 - Tropical Weather

On Wednesday, we visited the HOI school -- both sides connected by a bridge built last year! Several of us are excited to meet the youngsters that we sponsor to go to this school! Then on to our village. All floors and pilas are complete, the school's new latrine is nearly finished, and we wrapped up the Eco stoves. Heavy rain after lunch pushed us indoors, where some finished painting the school and started with decorative touches. And a little rain never stops a pick up soccer game with the kids very easily beating us! On the drive back to the ranch, we stopped to clear newly downed trees from the road, and the two usually low water crossings had a much higher and faster water flow. Glad HOI has 4x4 vehicles meant especially for these downpours! Glad to be back at the ranch to shower, dine, and reflect on our day. What's up for tomorrow? Final work and fiesta! 

Photo caption: The sky this morning. Looks like a chance for more rain.

HOI Day 4 - More Fun

The VBS is very successful; the kids, village school teachers and a few parents enjoy the lessons and fun! We worked on more floors and the latrine. Warmer temps, but lower than home, and minimal breeze made for more tired workers! One man made a wood frame and added palm fronds to shade the two masons laying blocks in the latrine.

HOI Day 3 - Starting Work

Hello again from Honduras! Today, we made the long drive to our village Rio Del Oro. The children emptied the school to greet us when we pulled up. VBS started this morning with 40 kids. Those of our team not helping with VBS got started on the construction projects. We worked on 4 pilas and 2 cement floors and started the school's new latrine. From the store across the road from the school, I could hear the laughter of the children during VBS. Before dinner tonight, some of us watched a friendly soccer match between a team from the local village of La Venta and a team made up of camp staff. As the clouds roll in and I contemplate sleeping to the sound of rain, I am reflecting on our villagers -- how much they appreciate us being here, how friendly they are, and how hard they work. It is a joy to work along side them. Sweet dreams!

Photo caption: Our HOI lead Carlos (center) and two villagers preparing to work on the latrine.

HOI Day 2 - Arriving at Camp

After breakfast at the hotel, we loaded what seemed like a mountain of luggage for the relatively short drive (more of the road was paved than last year!) to Rancho El Paraiso -- our HOI home for the week! There we unloaded and sorted donations (remember the "mountain of luggage"?), including medical supplies, school supplies, soccer and tennis balls, and hygiene items such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, and bath soap. The HOI Doctor will be thrilled with the medical items for the Ranch and village clinics throughout the valley. 

Plan for the week - breakfast will be at an early 6:15, then we'll drive 1-1/2 hours over mostly unpaved roads to the village for construction projects and VBS, return to camp for showers, an early dinner then bed... repeat! 

At the village, our projects will include 6 cement floors (don't know if our HOI group leader Carlos is serious about each being a 12-bag floor -- quite large), a latrine at the school, three eco stoves, and a pila (water infrastructure). That's a lot of work for our relatively small group, but we did come to make a difference! We also have a few tours / side trips planned, so stay tuned for details on those as they happen. 

We send our heartfelt appreciation to www.FPCGV.org for their generous support of this mission, the Honduran people, and our team. We are all very much looking forward to meeting our villagers tomorrow!

Photo caption: View from our dorm porch, as I lounged in a hammock, to the surrounding mountains.

Travel - Day 1

Our team arrived safely in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. No lost luggage! We met our HOI team -- team leader Carlos, security guard Adam, and bus driver (I need to find out his name) -- and completed a dusty four-hour drive to the Hotel Segunda in Juticalpa. We have time to rest, clean up for dinner, and relax for the evening. Tomorrow we finish the drive to Rancho Paraiso, our HOI camp for the week! Many thanks to Kerry Curry for arranging the mission trip with HOI and setting up the call tree to let our loved ones know we arrived! http://hoi.org

The Honduras Mission Trip

First Presbyterian Church Grapevine sponsors many missions including mission trips to Honduras. The 2016 trip will be June 11-18, when the FPCGV team joins a team from Central Presbyterian Church Waxahachie. 

The mission team is a diverse collection people that are committed to transforming and improving the lives of the people and communities in Honduras.

As a former HOI executive director told us, "The villagers don't say thanks for helping them build latrines or a new roof. They say thanks for giving them hope and new friends. They know we care, we take off work to come help them, and we give our time and energy for them.”

As the team prepares for the 2016 trip, they are looking ahead to 2017 and beyond. If you think you would be interesting in joining mission trip and are ready to find out more, see our FAQs.

Photo caption: The 2016 team was a blend of Church members and guests that felt a calling and made a personal commitment to be part of a Christ-centered mission team. Some members have been on over a dozen Honduras mission trips, and some were going on their first trip. The team’s purpose is to help improve the lives and villages through fellowship and locally identified projects. A mission transforms lives of local residents through faith, economic development, and education. At the same time, the Mission Team is blessed through spiritual growth as they work alongside the villagers and each other.