Sunday School | 9:15am

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Give a gift that benefits the world.

Give a gift to someone that means the world to them and will benefit a Mission of FPCGV.

From November 29th thru Christmas, pick up (or download, see below) an Alternative Gift Fair form. Read about the local, area and world-wide ministries that are supported by FPCGV. From GRACE and Meals on Wheels to Kenya Kids Can to Rahab's Rope, you can select from various gifts and amounts.

When you make a gift, you'll then be provided a greeting card that you can send to someone that says "In your honor, I gave....". Can you think of a better way to spread Christmas joy?

Here's how it works (it's easy!):

  • Step 1: Get a form online (see link to the left), in the church office, or in the perking lot.
  • Step 2: Complete the form and submit it and your payment. Payments/forms can be placed in Jill McLeigh’s mailbox in the church office (Sundays), in the church office (weekdays) or place in the offering plate.
  • Step 3: Pick up your cards, inserts, and donation slip from the perking lot.

Give a gift that honors and blesses a loved one, benefits a FPCGV mission, and warms your own heart.