Sunday School | 9:15am

1002 Park Blvd. Grapevine, TX 76051

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Adult Education Opportunities at FPCGV

Mid-Week opportunities

Tuesday Morning Women’s Study: Each Tuesday at 10:00am

Men’s Bible Study: Each Wednesday morning at 6:00am

Pastor Bob’s Bible Study: Each Thursday at 1:00 or 8:00pm

Monthly Book Study: 6:00pm on the first Sunday of each month

Adult Confirmation Day Retreat on May 12th

What does it mean to be a member of this church? Or any church?
Do we literally believe everything in the Bible? Are there themes to the Bible?
How do Presbyterians take what they believe and put that into practice?

In this tribe of Christianity, Presbyterian Confirmation refers to the decision a person makes when they respond to God’s grace and God's call with intentional commitments. In effect, Confirmation is publicly stating for yourself, before God and before this congregation that you commit yourself to learning, growning, serving, and belonging among these fellow travelers.

If you are new to this faith community and want to know who we are and how we live our faith, join us.
If you missed this kind of opportunity as a young adult and you want to try again, join us.
If you've been in this faith community for awhile, but want to remember what it means to be a member, join us.

No matter what your reason, our mini-confirmation retreat will give adults a chance to process what they believe. The focus will be on key Biblical themes, the tenent that Presbyterians believe together and how to put that belief into daily living.

If you have questions (and please, have questions!) or you'd like to take this opportunity to learn more, contact Ashley Hood (ahood@fpcgv.org). A $10 donation is suggested to cover materials and food costs.


At FPCGV, we offer educational programs for every age. Because you're never too young or too old to learn something about your relationship to God and to one another!

Each class is based on building relationships and study, with each class determining their own study topics.  Classes meet on the 2nd floor.  There are signs on the classrooms identifying the class.

The classes for spring 2018 are:

  • Vignettes of Who's Who in the Bible – A Bible Study and More.
  • Parents Anonymous: Parenting related discussions led by a professional in the field, Sallie Wells.

See the full descriptions and schedules on this page.

Vignettes of Who's Who in the Bible

This class will present small illustrations of folks who appear briefly, but importantly, then fade into the background of the biblical narrative. We plan to meet some of the heroes, villains, monarchs and subjects in both the Old and New Testaments.

Each week there will be some combination of bible passages, historical background, geography and discussion to gain insight into the lives and times of the biblical characters

Parents Anonymous

Topics for the fall include:

  • Why creativity is important?
  • Building self-confidence in children
  • Understanding grit and passion
  • What motivates your child?
  • How to develop an abstract thinker?
  • Faith – helping children understand things we can’t see or hear.